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Gac Fruit – Mother Nature’s Powerhouse

Why gac fruit? Why indeed!

If you were in the position of having to choose just one fruit, and only one, this is the one you probably should choose. It’s loaded with exactly the sort of carotenoids humans can readily absorb. Like lycopene, the antioxidant commonly found in red fruit like tomatoes and watermelon. It also has a host of other important plant flavonoids, polyphenols, and vitamins.

Gac fruit in fact is proven scientifically to contain over 90 plant compounds that are known to assist with healing. It truly is one of nature’s powerhouse marvels. So much so that we’ve popped gac fruit juice into a line of revitalizing functional waters.

The Restorative, Healing Powers Of Gac Fruit Juice

Our gac fruit juice fortified drinks bring you a whopping 20 mgs of restorative carotenoids in every refreshing 12oz can. We’ve also added some amazing and inspiring tropical fruit juices to the mix. The result – a light, incredibly refreshing drink that contains no artificial sugars and no artificial flavors. Just plenty of good stuff instead. Available in still or carbonated water.