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Eat Clean: Organic vs. Synthetic Energy Drinks

October 06, 2019

Eat Clean: Organic vs. Synthetic Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are getting more and more popular these days, especially as people look for substitutes for coffee. Companies like Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar can be found in just about every gas station, grocery store, or coffee shop. 

The problem is, those drinks are chock full of chemicals and additives that you give you the kick you’re looking for. And, over time, those chemicals and additives can cause some serious damage.

That’s where organic energy drinks come in; beverages such as GacLife are full of healthy, natural vitamins and minerals that boost your energy, wake you up, and keep you well-nourished. Opting for organic over synthetic drinks can leave you with a plethora of health benefits.


1. Energy Boost Without the Caffeine


girl jumping in the air on the road

Caffeine seems like a harmless ingredient at first glance, but when consumed in excess it can cause serious issues! Synthetic energy drinks and organic energy drinks approach caffeine in very different ways.


Synthetic Drinks


Most synthetic energy drinks contain copious amounts of caffeine. In your average cup of coffee, you’ll find about 90mg of caffeine. However, in most common energy drinks that number is multiplied by 3! 

Think about it - that’s 900mg of caffeine going into your body all at once. Can’t be good right?

Well, it isn’t. When you consume that much caffeine at once, your body suffers the consequences. You might experience panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, heart palpitations, and a racing heart. Plus caffeine is known now to block a very important neurotransmitter called adenosine, which, in most people, prevents the central nervous system from shutting down properly at night.  So even if their getting eight hours of sleep their not actually getting the rest and rehabilitation they need.


Organic Drinks


In contrast to synthetic drinks, some organic drinks steer clear of caffeine altogether. They use natural ingredients that leave you feeling more alert and improve brain function without the negative side effects that high amounts of caffeine can produce. 

A few common ingredients that are often added to all-natural energy drinks include green tea, gac fruit, mint, and beets. These foods all contain antioxidants as well, which help with brain function and alertness. 


2. No Added Sugar


spoonful of sugar

After caffeine, the second most common ingredient in energy drinks is sugar. While natural sugars are okay in moderation, the amount of sugars packed into synthetic energy drinks is shocking and can take a toll on your body. 


Synthetic Energy Beverages


Man-made energy drinks are known to contain upwards of about 20mg of sugar per serving. That’s your entire daily serving of sugar in just one drink! 

And, all that sugar has some very negative consequences on your body and brain function as well. Sugar takes over your brain’s reward center and can end up becoming as addictive as drugs such as cocaine or heroin.  It also boosts your insulin levels artificially and can cause a highly dysfunctional cycle of highs and lows. How’s that for scary?

On top of that, sugar increases brain inflammation and output of the stress hormone cortisol. Both of these issues mean that over time too much sugar consumption can lead to depression.

Sugar’s damage doesn’t stop there; it leads to jitters and irritability because of increase in blood sugar levels and can also contribute to issues with your attention span.  It has also been highly attributable to cancer rates, and is usually one of the first things a doctor will have a newly diagnosed cancer patient stop taking. That doesn’t sound like a good way of staying healthy, focused, and increasing energy!


Natural Energy Drinks


Some natural energy drinks steer clear of added sugars entirely. These types of beverages add sweetness and flavor through naturally sweet ingredients such as apples and berries. Instead of dealing with the consequences of high amounts of added sugar, you can enjoy a sweet drink that really does boost your energy and improve your mood without negative side affects!


3. Build Your Brain


person stretching on the roadside

Did you know that energy drinks can affect the long-term health of your brain? That’s right! Synthetic energy drinks can wreak lasting havoc on your brain in the future. In contrast, organic drinks can seriously grow and improve your brain function over time. 


Effects of Synthetic Drinks


  • They lead to Alzheimer’s disease over time due to extreme levels of sugar consumption
  • These drinks can cause depression, anxiety and mood disorders and interfere with your brain’s serotonin and dopamine receptors, as well as your sleep.
  • They can cause people to develop dependencies on energy drinks for alertness and lead to overall decreased energy
  • Overtime they can cause migraines and headaches

Effects of Many Organic Drinks


  • They can improve mood and motivation levels by boosting neurotransmitter levels
  • They increase blood flow to the brain and brain cell production thanks to the phytonutrients contained in them
  • They can protect the brain from degenerative diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimers and can reduce the effects of aging

4. Avoid Processed Ingredients and Chemicals


person holding a strawberry

Synthetic energy drinks are known for containing chemicals and processed ingredients that can be harmful to your body and some have also been linked to cancer. A few ingredients to look out for include: 

  • High Levels of Taurine: this amino acid is produced naturally by the body. However, when it’s artificially manufactured, it can lead to muscle contractions and dangerously low blood pressure levels
  • L-carnatine: this is another amino acid that is added to energy drinks. When it’s added to energy drinks, it can exceed your body’s daily limit and can actually cause more harm than good
  • Vitamin B12: again, B vitamins are good for you in moderation. However, when taken in excess, B vitamins can lead to skin conditions, liver toxicity, nerve damage, and stomach issues. Many energy drinks contain as much as 200% of your daily recommended intake!

In contrast to these harmful ingredients found in synthetic energy drinks, many natural, organic drinks contain no factory-processed ingredients.They contain organic fruit juices, which helps limit the amount of sugar present in these drinks. And, most contain no additives and use only naturally produced ingredients!


Stay Healthy, Stay Energized


There are so many reasons why synthetic energy drinks are not a good choice for boosting your energy level. Opting for natural drinks can not only keep your body and mind healthy, it can lead to lasting benefits for the rest of your life!

Gac Life offers natural, organic energy drinks that use ingredients that you can count on to help boost your mood and increase energy levels. Check out our products today!

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