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Gactail Recipes (gac-infused cocktails)

December 21, 2020

Gactail Recipes (gac-infused cocktails)


When you're ready to craft some liquid courage, it's important to STAY HYDRATED. We'll be here to help you master your Gấc-infused super-fruit, super-hydrating and super yummy gactails. Meet our 3 favorite Gac drinks that will leave you feeling like you're on a white sandy beach in SouthEast Asia, under a palm tree about to jump into 80º waters. These fancy tropical drinks will have you dreaming of the islands and feeling like you're on vacation.  

What's so superfruity & nourishing about Gac Hydrate and Gac Passionfruit?

1. There are carotenoids from the Gac fruit are plant-based essential antioxidants that must be replenished daily to help prevent from damaging environmental effects caused by solar radiation, visible light and stress.

2.  Natural carotenoids from the Gac fruit are found to have superior bioavailability (easier for the body to absorb and use) than other fruits and vegetables.


Gac on the Beach (Gactail)

½ can of Gac Hydrate Mango⁣
 1 shot of vodka ⁣
 ½ oz of peach schnapps
 Topped with soda water
Garnished with lemon wedge⁣
Sip away!
gac on the beach sex on the beach cocktail gac infused

Gac-aloda (Gactail)

1⁄2 can of Gac Hydrate Mango
1 shot of rum
1⁄2 oz coconut syrup
 Dash of lime juice
Blended or on ice & enjoy!
pina colada gac

1 Gac, 2 Gac, 3 Gac, More! (Gactail)

 1⁄2 can of Gac Hydrate Passionfruit
1 shot of tequila
 1/4 oz of lime juice
 Garnished with lime peel, cheers!
gac tail cocktail