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What The Gac? Healthy Workout Drink Alternatives!

February 21, 2020

What The Gac? Healthy Workout Drink Alternatives!


How to Incorporate Gac Fruit Into Your Workout For Better Results

With winter quickly dissipating and summer fast approaching, most of us are getting in the grind and trying to get that bikini body ready to hit the beach. 

But what goes hand in hand with a good workout? A good energy drink to keep you going. With so many different products on the market, it’s hard to figure out which workout drink is going to make the most difference to your routine. 

And, it’s tough to find a product that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or that has ingredients you can trust!

That’s where GacLife comes in. We’ve created a recipe using our favorite ingredient, gac fruit, that helps you stay energized, hydrated, and active during your workout. And the best part? Unlike most energy drinks, GacLife products are made with all-natural ingredients. 

What Makes a Good Workout Drink

Before we dive into why gac fruit is a great choice for your workout, let’s take a look at what actually makes up a good workout drink. 

There are a number of different ingredients and qualities you should be looking for in any workout drink you choose to incorporate into your diet. 

1. Hydration

Whatever workout drink you opt for, the number one feature should be hydration. As you exercise, your body sweats and loses water and electrolytes. To keep yourself going you’ll need to keep replenishing your body. 

In fact, the American College of Sports Medicine suggests that 17 fluid ounces of water should be consumed about 2 hours before you workout. That way, you’ll be able to stay hydrated and the body will only flush out excess water. 

Once you start your workout, keep drinking at regular intervals to stay hydrated and keep pace with the rate your body loses fluids. 

2. Carbohydrates

We typically think of carbohydrates as being found in foods such as breads and pastas. Often carbs get a bad rep for being the cause of weight gain.

But did you know that you actually need carbohydrates to provide your body with energy throughout the day and especially during a workout?

Most energy drinks contain carbohydrates to prevent fatigue and keep you going during your exercise routine. About 14 grams of carbohydrates for every 8 ounces of water is the perfect amount for keeping your body going during your workout.  How many carbs should i be drinking before, during, or after a workout?

3. Electrolytes

Electrolytes are also known more commonly as minerals. The most common types of electrolytes are materials such as sodium, potassium, and chloride. All of these minerals are lost when you sweat, making them an important addition to any workout drink. 

But what exactly do electrolytes do? These electrically charged chemicals prevent you from cramping up during a workout, making it extra important that you replenish them as you exercise. 

The electric charge in electrolytes also helps provide your body with the energy needed to power through. Every day you should try to get an optimal amount of electrolytes in your diet:

  • Less than 2000mg of sodium
  • 4,700mg of potassium
  • 330-350mg of magnesium for men and 255-265mg of magnesium for women
  • 800mg of calcium

While these are only a few of the different electrolytes that are needed for a healthy body to function at its best, keeping these daily values in mind can help you prepare for your workout.

4. Beta-carotene

This one is a little lesser known, but the carotenoid beta-carotene has actually been linked to improved exercise performance. 

A recent study at Louisiana State University compared athletes who had taken beta-carotene supplements prior to running a 5k to those who had taken no supplements. The athletes who had consumed beta-carotene prior to their workout actually performed better than those who hadn’t!

In addition, antioxidants like beta-carotene ease muscle soreness after the workout and keep you from having pain in the days following an intense exercise routine. 

Workout Drinks to Avoid

While these are a few key ingredients to look for in a healthy workout beverage, there are also a couple of ingredients you’ll want to steer clear of. 

1. Caffeine (link to product in this subsection as a clean alternative)

Caffeine is a tempting one, especially for people who like to get in their workout early. What’s the harm in having that cup of coffee before your morning run, right? 

As it turns out, there’s quite a lot of harm. 

When you drink too much caffeine, you may find yourself feeling jittery or having heart palpitations. And, once the effects wear off, you’ll find yourself tired and fatigued. 

Consuming sports drinks that contain caffeine can lead to fatigue sooner in your workout. Caffeine also leads to dehydration, meaning that your body won’t retain the fluids that it needs to keep you going during your workout

2. Sugar i think this section can be beefed up on why sugars aren’t a good choice as well as linking to a product that is all natural or has no/very little sugars inside.

Lots of sports drinks contain high amounts of sugar or sugar substitutes. Unfortunately, these types of sweeteners can lead to diabetes and other health issues. 

Even though your drink might taste easier going down, these artificial sweeteners and sugary drinks don’t help your body.

Instead, opt for sports drinks that contain natural sweeteners that won’t harm your body or counteract all the positive benefits of a good workout. 

Where Does Gac Fruit Fit In?

Okay, so you’re ready to hit the gym with your newfound knowledge of energy drinks. The problem is, where does gac fruit fit in and which energy drink do you choose now?

Gac fruit is a great addition to your workout beverage because it helps your body with all four of the necessary components and functions we mentioned earlier. 

Gac fruit contains carotenoids to help reduce muscle soreness and prevent fatigue after a long workout. It also contains electrolytes such as potassium to keep you going during your workout; and, the juice from the fruit hydrates your body and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for your workout. 

At GacLife we’ve even created a few beverages that take advantage of gac’s amazing workout benefits while helping you get the most out of your exercise routine. 

  • Gac Sport - Gac Sport is a drink that improves stamina and reduces muscle soreness thanks to the beta-carotene content of the fruit. 
  • Gac Hydrate - Gac Hydrate comes in two flavors, mango and passionfruit, and is a great way to keep your body stocked on electrolytes and ready to take on any workout. 

  • Whichever option you choose, GacLife is ready to get your workout going and help you stay healthy while you do so!

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