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daily detox tonic

Gac Skin Cleansing Detox Drink

— Gac fruit provides essential free radical quenching antioxidants to support the body's immune system.

— Nettle improves digestion & lowers blood pressure.

— Dandelion supports healthy liver function and regulates cholesterol.

— Activated charcoal absorbs and removes toxins throughout the digestive track.

— Cranberry juice is rich in vitamin C, which boosts production of glutathione, the key antioxidant your liver uses during detoxification process. It also allows your liver to metabolize fats more efficiently, and helps the liver remove toxins and metals by binding with with them. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I've had a few digestive issues after having my gallbladder taken out. I found this drink has helped me a lot particularly if I've eaten something with more fat that I planned to eat. It helps to keep my digestion in check and I don't have reflux problems. I enjoy the light taste.

Nice pick-me-up

Was shocked to find my breathing better and my blood pressure lowered. Can't say for sure that it was from these drinks but stopped for two days and things started going back as before. So, I tend to believe they help and I am happy for that.

The GAC cleanse is good and delicious

This drink is healthy an delicious. I really enjoyed adding it to my cleanse. I knew nothing about GAC or this product but am now interested in trying the other flavors.

Perfect dose of activated charcoal

Activated charcoal + cranberry juice = perfect detox combo. Just don't forget to shake before drinking to get all the good stuff!

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