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Our Story

We understand how hard you work. Our goal is to provide a superfruit-based, innovative, refreshingly light water that works equally as hard to keep your mind sharp, your eyes radiant, and your whole body youthful.¹ 

Our product gấc originates from “gấc” – the Vietnamese name for Momordica cochinchinensis spreng, a vibrantly colored, strikingly shaped fruit indigenous to Southeast Asia that’s packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Packed with highly concentrated and bioavailable phytonutrients, especially antioxidant carotenoids, Gac is your superfruit drink for healthy living.



Our story begins with a common problem experienced by many millennials. We are attached to digital screens for both work and play, and we sacrifice our health in the process. Sensitive, dry skin and eye strain come from spending too many hours on tablets, computers, and smartphones. GacLife’s co-founder Yin Zou discovered gac fruit as a more permanent, natural remedy for her problems.

GacLife’s founder Yin Zou discovered gac fruit as a more permanent, natural remedy for her problems


On a business trip, she was introduced to the delicious gac in local Vietnamese cuisine. Amazed by gac’s refreshingly mild taste and health benefits, that have been researched extensively by scientists, Yin noticed improvements in her vision, skin and overall energy level by making gac a daily staple in her diet while in Vietnam. Inspired by her discovery, she returned to the US and assembled a team on a mission to introduce the rare fruit to consumers with the same needs as her.

With its anti-aging properties as well as vision and cognition boosting power, gac is an exceptional addition to your life. Learn more about gac and its amazing benefits discovered by scientists here.

Try It!

Through extensive tests, we finally crafted exceptionally balanced functional waters to make the benefits of gac effortlessly accessible. We found the mildness of the gac flavor is the perfect complement to pair with other fruits.

We are excited for you to try our hydrating, nourishing, juicy combinations. We think that they’re something special. We hope that you do, too.  

¹ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. GacLife's products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.