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Share Program FAQ

How do I complete the gift order?

It's super simple and only takes a few seconds after you place your own order. Shop and Share now! 

1. Choose the products you want to purchase for yourself and proceed to checkout

2. On the order confiremation page, enter your friend’s name and email address(required) and phone number, if you have it.

IF you know your friend’s shipping address...

3.1. Just fill in your friend’s shipping address and you’ll be all set. Both you and your friend will receive a confirmation email / text message about the gift order 

If you DON’T know your friend’s shipping address...

3.2. Just click submit without filling in the address. Your friend will recieve an email from us to fill in the shipping address and receive the gift. We will notify you when your friend has completed the free gift order. 

Shop and Share now!

Does my friend have to pay anything?

No strings. No charge. No shipping. Just a FREE gacTM!

Is shipping included?

When you purchase gacTM from our website, free shipping is already included for US domestic addresses. Your friend will get a free 8-pack case of gacTM with no shipping or additional charges. The program is open for US gift orders for now.

What if I don’t know my friend’s address?

That’s okay, we got you! We will send an email on your behalf to your friend, so all you have to know if their email. They will be able to click through the email and enter their own address.

Can my friends receive more than one gift each?

To give more people the chance to taste our delicious drinks, each name and address can receive up to one free 8-pack.

If I buy more than one case, can I share more than one 8-pack?

Yes, but you'll need to complete each order separately. You’ll have the chance to fill in one friends’ shipping information each time you check out a paid order. This keeps logistics simple on our end so your friends get their gacTM lightning fast!

Will my friend know it was me who shared gacTM?

Yes! Please make sure you enter their email address. We let them know it was you who shared the love.

How long does it take to arrive?

We will ship the free 8-pack case within two business days after we receive an eligible request. It should be delivered to the address provided within a week.

Can I include a personalized note?

There isn’t an option to include personalized notes currently, but we will notify you once they receive their free gac so you can send one on your own!

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