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No strings, just a free 8-pack of gấc
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Wait, so what is Gac Fruit?


Super fruit gac’s highly bioavailable carotenoids provide powerful antioxidant protection while preserving skin firmness and radiance


One 12ox can contains 20 mg antioxidants carotenoids same as you’d get by eating 1 cabbage + 5 tomatoes + 15 carrots + 30 bunches of spinach


Nearly 70% of millennial suffer digital eye strain caused by prolonged exposure to screens. Try our refreshing and tasty fuel for your precious eyes

Introducing gấc

gấc, share the health and beauty bonus

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We have answers.

How much do I have to buy to be able to gift?

When you make an order of any size, you can give a free 8-Pack!

Does my friend have to pay anything?

No strings. No charge. No shipping. Just FREE gấc!

Can I choose the flavor?

Your friend will get a surprise 8-pack! Often this will be a variety 8-pack, but may vary depending on availability

What if I don’t know my friend’s address?

That’s okay, we got you! We will send an email on your behalf to your friend, so all you have to know if their email. They will be able to click through the email and enter their own address.

A Drinkable Health &
Beauty Boost

Gac fruit has been cherished for more than 1,000 years in Southeast Asia for its health benefits.

We've spent the last two years crafting the perfect gấc-infused water to be made available in the USA.

All our functional waters are made to bring you the magic of gac in a refreshing drink.

“Even though it’s completely organic and natural, there is a delicate sweetness to the water that makes it tasteful. It’s not too raw, or too artificial. A happy medium.”

- Jessica C., 31