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awesome cleanse drink!

The pineapple drink is both light and refreshing. You can sense the layered vitamin/mineral content which washes over the palette leaving a pleasant aftertaste and no harsh flavoring. I'm very excited about establishing the GacLife into my own! Additionally, y'all need to come to Houston, Texas!

awesome cleanse drink!

This lemon water has no carbs, no sugar and loads of antioxidants. It’s my go-to cleanse drink.

super good!

Drop everything and try this. I ordered Gac after tasting it at an event. Gac Mango is officially my favorite drink. It is incredibly tasty and healthy!

sour, but really good drink

The Lemon taste is a little too sour for me - I prefer the Mango because it’s a little sweeter. My wife likes this much better than her expensive cleanse drinks.

better than juice

I am amazed by how thirst quenching Gac is - it’s light, not too sweet and tastes much better than tea or any fruit juice. I also love how each can is low on calories and has no added sugar! 

Great for a pick-me-up

When I am tired of my morning coffee routine and looking for a little pick up, the GacLife water is that for me. Simple taste that I know isn’t dehydrating me like coffee but giving me the pick me up I need.

I actually feel a lot better

A lot of ‘hangover remedy’ juices actually end up giving me a worse headache because of all the sugar and fake ingredients. This was one of the only juices I could drink after a night out and actually feel better. I felt more refreshed and lighter.

I'm in heaven!

I’m in heaven! I could immediately tell that GacLife isn’t filled with tons of sugars and fake ingredients like other juices brands are….

love it

Even though it’s completely organic and natural, there is a delicate sweetness to the water that makes it tasteful. It’s not too raw, or too artificial. A happy medium.