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DELICIOUS & Functional!

First off, this tastes AMAZING. I can't believe it has NO sugar and has a pleasant sweet taste. I could drink 10 of these a day, so tasty. It's wild how functional Gac is for the body and how beneficial it is.

Replacing my beauty supplements with gac powder

As someone who used to take lycopene supplements for my skin, I'm so glad to have discovered Gac at my local grocery store. Now I can use this pure and all-natural product instead of swallowing capsules. The powder has almost no taste at all except a light and fruity sweetness. It's sugar-free and can be used in anything food/drinks. I'm taking 2 tablespoons daily instead of one with my meals.

This beauty drink works for me

I am always looking for new and improved products to keep my skin look healthy and radiant. A friend introduced me to Gac and I got curious about this Beauty Drink, to see if it really works. After been drinking it for a few weeks I have noticed that my skin is smoother, more glowing and my fine lines less visible. Also love the taste of this Beauty Formula!

Don't like the Taste

This helped me get relaxed enough to go to bed but I had to chug it because of the taste. I'd like to try other products this company offers but I'm hesitant.

Love the taste

Love the taste of the "Super" Avo toast at Bondi Harvest and the Café owner told me about this powder they used. I immediately subscribed and will use it in my salad, smoothies, etc.

Not Your Average Beverage

Gac is not your average beverage, but it's amazing. Richer, thicker, and more flavorful than water beverages like Hint, Bai, and LaCroix, but not as "juicy" as straight-up cranberry juice, mango juice, etc. That's what makes this drink unique and worth it - it's the best of both worlds. You get the hydration benefits of a water beverage (AND a rich, juicy flavor profile) without all of the sugars and acidity of fruit juice from a bottle.


The taste is a bit different so that takes a bit to get used to (and it could be that I kept forgetting to shake the can before opening) but all in all it seems to be a good product. I would recommend.


Great exactly what I ordered!

Very good but pricey and small

It’s really good, I never had anything like it.
It is a really expensive drink, very small. I had it in the morning or a bit after lunch when I was drowsy. Honestly I drank it in 2 or 3 sips and I’m not a “greedy drinker”. On one occasion I took short sips with a straw while I was working and after a few minutes the drink got warm and tasted awful.

Conclusion, its a good drink. Too small for the price. It’s something to grab and drink right away while it’s cold.
As for the energy boosting effects... I felt different drinking it, gave me a little boost different from the coffee boosts.


will order again


I've had a few digestive issues after having my gallbladder taken out. I found this drink has helped me a lot particularly if I've eaten something with more fat that I planned to eat. It helps to keep my digestion in check and I don't have reflux problems. I enjoy the light taste.

Excellent drink

This drink hydrates fast. It's also very flavorful without added sugars and flavors like most sport drinks. It has a unique flavor because of the gac and monk fruit juices, but I like it and it grows on you.

Weight-loss + energy

Amazing pre-workout drink. It is helping me lose weight too.

Nice pick-me-up

Was shocked to find my breathing better and my blood pressure lowered. Can't say for sure that it was from these drinks but stopped for two days and things started going back as before. So, I tend to believe they help and I am happy for that.

Sweet Dreams

I bought this for my daughter when she was superstressed. I got her to make a ritual of preparing for bed instead of just dropping off to sleep. She doesn't always like hot drinks and this can was just the thing to make her feel at ease at bedtime and feel more refreshed in the morning.


Loved the taste

Say yes to energy and no to chemicals

Delicious and seemingly instant boost to energy. I felt the effects immediately. So much healthier than the other energy drinks out there which are chock full of sugar and chemicals, and much better tasting to boot.

So Tasty

I absolutely love the taste! So refreshing and chills me out on a hot summer day!

Fav so far!

I tried three different Gac products and this is my favorite one so far. Never knew a healthy sleep aid could taste so good!

Not A Carbonated Beverage Drinker, But I Will Drink This.

Had Gac for the first time ever, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the drink (I do not enjoy carbonated drinks, usually). I like the can design and artwork.
The only thing I noticed was there was gac fruit residue at the bottom of the can, which was very bitter. Maybe I should have mixed up the ingredients before drinking.


We bought Gac because we wanted to drink more water. We've learned the many benefits of drinking water that is loaded with antioxidants. We are thrilled.

The GAC cleanse is good and delicious

This drink is healthy an delicious. I really enjoyed adding it to my cleanse. I knew nothing about GAC or this product but am now interested in trying the other flavors.

Perfect dose of activated charcoal

Activated charcoal + cranberry juice = perfect detox combo. Just don't forget to shake before drinking to get all the good stuff!

Night-time elixir!

I normally don't have an issue sleeping, but work has been stressful recently, so I decided to give Gac Sleep a try! I wasn't sure how close to going to bed I should drink this, so I just went by the 30 minutes before that most sleep products recommend. (maybe this should be specified on the can?) After 30 minutes I got into bed and within several minutes fell asleep. It really helped put my body at ease and fall into a deep sleep which I didn't wake up from until my alarm woke me up! I woke up feeling rested and ready for another day! Definitely recommend for anyone that needs a bit of extra plant help to go to sleep!

Beauty Boost

Recently I've had a bit of issues with acne and once I read about Gac from an online blog I decided to give them a try so I ordered them all! This one particularly interested me as it has coenzyme q10 which I know to be really good for your skin. I have only been taking this one for 2 days, and already have seen a slight reduction in my acne. I think I'll have to report back after a week or so to see a dramatic change, but I'm really impressed with the change I've already seen! Thanks GacLife!!