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all day effervescent fuel

Healthy Energy Drinks

— Gac fruit has been found to help improve glucose and fat metabolism and reduces blood glucose levels.

— Ginseng, with memory and cognition boosting properties, can help reduce stress, improve energy level, mood and endurance.

— Chun Mee green tea contains a perfect balance of L-theanine and caffeine, supporting a steady energy supply for a prolonged state of alertness and focus.

— Guarana helps reduce mental and physical fatigue, improves concentration and learning capabilities.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Very good but pricey and small

It’s really good, I never had anything like it.
It is a really expensive drink, very small. I had it in the morning or a bit after lunch when I was drowsy. Honestly I drank it in 2 or 3 sips and I’m not a “greedy drinker”. On one occasion I took short sips with a straw while I was working and after a few minutes the drink got warm and tasted awful.

Conclusion, its a good drink. Too small for the price. It’s something to grab and drink right away while it’s cold.
As for the energy boosting effects... I felt different drinking it, gave me a little boost different from the coffee boosts.

Weight-loss + energy

Amazing pre-workout drink. It is helping me lose weight too.

Say yes to energy and no to chemicals

Delicious and seemingly instant boost to energy. I felt the effects immediately. So much healthier than the other energy drinks out there which are chock full of sugar and chemicals, and much better tasting to boot.

Switched out my morning coffee for this!

Wow! This was the perfect way to start my day. I've always been a fan of passionfruit and loved the combination of the green tea with guarana and ginseng. It really felt like a clean caffeine buzz that kept me going without the jitters. I highly recommend this to anyone that wants energy without the caffeine crash.

All-Natural Energy!

Wow did this help me POWER through some writing! Exactly what I needed to focus and give me a much-needed boost. I am not one to put most energy drinks in my body, but love that Gac only uses natural ingredients!

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