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gac superfruit powder

pure & organic : eye health + skin health + overall wellness

— Gac (Momordica cochinchinensis)  is a bright orange prickly melon found only in South-east Asia. Called "fruit from heaven", Gac's health and wellness benefits have been treasured for thousands of years. 

— Marigold is a flower that contains lutein and zeaxanthin, two carotenoids that help protect eyes against oxidative stress from the sun. Also providing protection from photodamage by absorption of high energy blue light. 

— How to use Gac Powder: Gac's mild flavor means it fits in everywhere! Supercharging your body has never been so easy. 

  • Blend one teaspoon into your smoothies, coffee or tea, add to your favorite salad toppings or mix into any recipe. 
  • For optimum benefits from Gac's 90+ nutritional compounds, consume one teaspoon per day. 

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Gac powder is an add-on packed with only pure, organic fruit powder. Potent Gac fruit. Floral Marigold. The nutrition in our powder was picked because of its completely natural ability to soothe and to stimulate. Each teaspoon promises to kick up the antioxidants and give you power for the day.


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